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Are You Sure About The Integrity Of Your Engineering Information?
Let’s face it – keeping track of engineering information –whether during a project or routine operations – is not easy. First, its maintenance can span many organisations - owners, their engineering partners, and sometimes vendors. Second, a specific piece of equipment may be described in various drawings and documents – each with many revisions. Finally, the plant configuration and the drawings and documents that describe it are all changing, all the time.

A Single Source Of Engineering Truth – Described In Many Ways
Matrix provides rule-based, data-centric solutions that reflect engineering information management best practice for process industry owner operators and their engineering partners. Once captured and validated, the engineering configuration is used to automatically generate the various industry-standard drawings, datasheets and reports used by your engineering teams (process, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical).

Business Benefits
The use of rule-based data-centric tools designed for the process industries offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • eliminate effort to reconcile different drawings and reports
  • instant access to equipment lists for use in tendering and purchasing
  • reminders when your configuration appears to depart from industry best practice
  • elimination of data re-entry and data synchronisation effort
  • reduction of draughting effort
  • integrity of plant configuration information improves health & safety
  • streamlined handover of information between consultants and owners. 


In using our solutions, you will be supported by the largest local engineering IT solutions provider – representing the worldwide leaders in process industry information management.

Who Could Benefit?

  • Owner operators wanting to improve plant uptime, health and safety, and the efficiency of engineering and maintenance activities.
  • Owner operators wanting to reduce the data take-on effort associated with following minor and major project.
  • Design and build contractors wanting to reduce the time to bid for projects
  • Design and build contractors wanting to minimise effort to synchronise, check and hand over as-built information 


Solution Specifics 


  • Methodologies, implementation
  • Standard reporting templates to reflect your drawing office practices
  • Save as AutoCAD, Microstation, and Excel formats when required
  • Include extensive set of industry-standard reports and drawings
  • Robust SQL Server or Oracle based underlying data storage
  • Support for collaboration between engineering teams in different locations. 

Customer Success
There are many examples available. Contact us for references.

More Information
Review the benefits of intelligent rule-based engineering tools for Owner Operators and Engineering Consultants here, or the experiences of a major Engineering Consultant in using these tools here.

To find more detailed information on particular tools for the management of P&IDs, Instrumentation and Electrical information click here.

Or, if you would simply like to talk to someone about any aspect of process plant information management – contact us at Matrix.

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