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Below are a selection of "independent" newsletters and e-zines that may be useful to you.

General Computing in Engineering, CAD, Several Industries

Daratech –
is a market research and technology assessment firm that has specialized in CAD/CAM, CAE, EDM/PDM, CIM, plant design/plant management automation, GIS and computer graphics since 1979. Daratech's analysis, projections and statistics have met with worldwide acceptance and are cited by a variety of international, national and regional business and trade publications.

CADWire –

Covers computer-aided engineering in several fields – Mech, AEC, Plant, GIS and EDA

Ralph Grabowski –
Ralph Grabowski is the President of upFront eZine Publishing Ltd, the #1 wholesaler worldwide of CAD editorial material. Ralph is the author 50 books and several hundred articles for dozens magazines and newsletters about CAD, graphics, and the Internet. Mr Grabowski is the former Senior Editor of CADalyst, the first magazine for AutoCAD users.  His newsletter often has the “inside story”!

Manufacturing, MCAD Focused


MCAD Online
MCAD Industry summary.


Tenlinks –
CAD and MCAD newsletters and reviews, manufacturing focused.

John Stark’s PLM News -
Focused on Product Lifecycle Management solutions, vendors, and industry news and customer advice.
Newsletters, articles and events focused on Plastics industry for Australia & New Zealand. 


Market research and news and information on Product Lifecycle Management.

Managing Automation Magazine –
Manufacturing focused on many issues of business automation.

MCAD Café –

MCAD industry news, mostly software vendors news

Spatial Data Management, GIS Focused

Geospatial Information and Technology Association – NZ and AUS





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