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In a climate of global competition, owner operators and their engineering partners are under immense pressure to deploy new or enhanced production facilities; and to extract maximum life from their existing plants. To meet target production volumes and operating costs for the next 20+ years, however, other priorities such as the use of industry and company standards, health and safety and regulatory compliance cannot be sacrificed to this need for speed.

Matrix assists with engineering solutions and systems to create collaboration between owner operators and their engineering partners by streamlining the work processes involved over the asset lifecycle - across engineering disciplines and core systems (engineering, asset management, maintenance management, document management, ERP) - "right-sized" for each company's unique requirements.

Using our in-house services and technology as well as those of leading process industry players.  We advise and assist our clients in selecting and implementing "right sized" information management solutions.


Plant Information Mgmt
Integrate the information held in your various core systems

Fitness for Service

Assess to standard codes, and help make risk based replacement decisions for your plant assets


Equipment Optimisation
Optimise the life and performance of your plant assets


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