Tekla Tedds

Do you need a calculation pad designed especially for engineers? 
Tekla Tedds is the ultimate productivity tool for day-to-day repetitive calculations. Tedds replaces hand written calculations and is a standard tool for thousands of engineers around the world. Combining the capabilities of MS Excel and MathCAD working within the MS Word environment Tedds allows you to develop your own easily formatted professional engineering calculations. 

Tedds includes a comprehensive and ever-expanding in-built library of civil and structural engineering code calculations for a variety of materials and structural forms.  The Tedds Engineering Library comes with regional versions for Australia/NZ, Asia, Canada, Great Britain/Europe and USA. These calculations are presented in an engineering format and are readily available for checking by any other engineer. 
In addition, Tedds also includes 2D analysis software with wizards for developing frame and truss structures.  Results are essentially instantaneous with a full range of graphical and tabular output. 

Improve Quality Control using the Tedds calculation libraries
Traditionally engineers have used spreadsheets for calculations. These often start with a few calculations and develop into complex design tools. The problem with spreadsheets is that all those calculations are hidden in the formulae and cross references within the cells of the spreadsheet. While it is possible to examine the formula in each cell one at a time, understanding how an entire spreadsheet works is often a monumental task making it difficult to use by anyone other than the original author.  Full quality assurance is very difficult to achieve.

Tedds allows an Engineer to write calculations using Microsoft Word™ in much the same way as they might be written by hand.  The important distinction between using Word and a spreadsheet to write calculations is that all calculations are clearly visible on the page. Tedds calculations are not a 'black box' solution.  The calculations and the resulting output are intrinsically one and the same thing; there is no concept of using one process to calculate the required results and then using a different process to produce a report to present those results.  A Tedds calculation is both the calculation and the output in one single entity.  This ensures that calculation can be easily followed resulting in easy checking and verification.

Business Benefits
  • Increase productivity through use of standard calculations.
  • Improved compliance with codes through use of the Tedds Engineering Libraries which update frequently to keep up with additions and modifications.
  • Enhanced understanding of design and analysis calculations company wide.
  • Improve quality through standardization and reuse of calculations and reporting formats.
Who Could Benefit? 
All consulting engineers who do either hand or computer based calculations. Tedds is a product that is universally useful and should be on every engineer’s desktop. 

Product Detail
Tedds comes with all the available regional library code calculations as well as many generic calculations such as cut and fill, slope stability, section property calculator, bolt group analysis etc.  

Why Matrix?
Matrix is New Zealand’s longest standing provider of CAE software and engineering computing services. Our technical experts understand the analysis needs and advanced modeling techniques required to solve your engineering issues.

Customer Success

Tekla has many global examples of how customers successfully use their software.  For specific Tedds case studies please select the links to the right, or for a wider variety of Customer Success stories, please visit Tekla
More Information
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