Accruent Meridian
Right information to the right people, at the right time!
Transforming engineering data into actionable plant information, keeping users in control, compliant, aligned, and informed throughout the asset lifecycle. 
Accruent Meridian is Asset Lifecycle Information Management software that connects maintenance and engineering, supports concurrent engineering, and improves data handover.   
  • IN CONTROL - By creating a 'single source of truth' that centralises information to avoid costly rework, delays, accidents and unplanned downtime. 
  • COMPLIANT - By maintaining data integrity for reduced risk, and proof of control for easy audits. 
  • ALIGNED - By empowering collaboration that connects your enterprise, including managing concurrent engineering, external contractors, and data handover.
  • INFORMED - By leveraging reports and dashboards to analyse performance and make better decisions. 
Integrate With your Favourite CAD Software (AutoCAD, Inventor, MicroStation, SolidWorks)
EDM enables users to access drawings within one application for viewing and printing exactly as they are within AutoCAD resulting in significant time savings. 

Main Benefits
  • Secure Vault for Engineering Content
  • Implement Managed Change to provide a controlled process for making updates to sets of as-built documents
  • Built-in (configurable) or fully customisable workflows
  • Direct access from CAD and Office applications, web client
  • Searching properties, full document content, saved searches
  • Highly customisable security and document properties

Increased Productivity

Meridian offers the following benefits to many organisations globally:

  • Connect to other business applications through an open API
  • Share information with contractors and people in the field by providing lightweight, view-only internet access
  • Publish key engineering information to other enterprise-wide knowledge management systems
  • Allow automatic feedback and approval loops using document work-flows

Meridian creates the ultimate collaboration platform that connects people and links engineering to the enterprise by leveraging design-related information - from different sources, from start to finish, from the past into the future.


3D CAD Integration
Meridian makes working with leading 3D CAD packages like Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks easy. The tight integration provides: 

  • bi-directional title block
  • property links
  • reference-management functionality (like Derive and Replace)

The above capabilities allow changes in parts or sub-assemblies to be updated in the (main) assembly when appropriate. In other words, users can easily create new versions of an existing product while maintaining the complete set of documents of older versions.

Who needs EDM?
It's about getting the right information to the right people at the right time!

Meridian provides industry-specific engineering document management solutions for companies looking to optimize the management of their overall documents including engineering and all other file types. Typical users of Meridian within any one company consist of:

  • Engineering staff
  • Office users  
  • Sales staff
  • Finance

Whether you are creating, designing or simply need to view, everyone can collaborate as necessary with Meridian. 

Features of Meridian 

  • Within EDM CAD integration provides bi-directional title block property links and reference management for AutoCAD and all its verticle applications.
  • Redlining is integrated into the workflow of Meridian
  • Meridian features extensive and highly configurable reporting thus allowing you to create any kind of report, you can even include thumbnails of the documents themselves
  • Access to documents and their data is arranged by means of a role based security model that utilizes your existing windows users and user-groups.
  • Track revisions using the "compare" function which provides a powerful tool to compare two different revisions of a document.
  • With EDM being completely customisable, links can be created to your ERP and other major internal systems

Why Matrix?
Matrix is an IT Engineering solution provider who has implemented many effective solutions for "Information Engineering".  

Matrix provides expertise and professional services for the full range of products. 

Customer Success

Many customers in New Zealand and globally use Meridian.  Browse some examples on the right hand side or contact us for local references.