MUNSYS Infrastructure Asset Information
Are CAD/GIS/AMS Issues Hampering Your Infrastructure Asset Management ? 
MUNSYS supports the collaboration of your engineering, GIS and asset management functions in managing your cadastres and network assets – supporting asset owners and their engineering partners in delivering on their financial and operational KPIs.

A Single Environment For Validated Infrastructure Asset Information By validating your infrastructure asset information against industry best practice data quality standards and storing it in a single place:
  • Effort to import and/or re-key information in different systems is eliminated
  • Reports can include engineering/location/asset management information
  • Fewer decisions are made using data that is wrong or of unknown quality
  • Vulnerability to “vendor lock in” due to proprietary technology is reduced
  • Standard workflows in infrastructure management are supported
Implement Infrastructure Asset Information Management Best Practice
The MUNSYS suite was developed specifically for the infrastructure asset management practices of infrastructure owners, and therefore:
  • data is validated against your industry and corporate quality standards
  • ready-to-use for “three waters”, electricity and cadastral information
  • tracing of “three waters” and electricity networks is supported
  • interfacing to standards-based GISs is supported
  • interfacing to hydraulic analysis applications (“three waters”) is supported
  • support for remote users (such as field crews) is supported
  • spatial asset information management is delivered via your intranet
Standard Technology Components Reduced Your Cost Of Ownership 
MUNSYS makes use of standard products from leading vendors and vendor-independent standards to deliver its functionality:
  • a single database for engineering, GIS, and asset management data
  • Open GIS Consortium, ESRI or MapInfo file formats
  • AutoCAD engineering file formats
  • Internet Explorer browser
  • support for Hansen
  • support for rating systems
  • easy to integrate your other RDBMS based systems
MUNSYS – Supported By Matrix and Open Spatial
Matrix has a 25+ year track record in delivering infrastructure information management solutions. With the additional backing of the Australia-based developer of MUNSYS where required – we will ensure your MUNSYS installation will quickly improve your operational and financial KPIs.

More Information
The case studies to the right provide a few examples of the way our proposed solution has been used to solve the asset information management challenges of specific customers.

If you want our opinion on how you might solve your company’s specific challenges, or to talk to an existing MUNSYS user organisation, contact us or use the “Request More Info” button below.

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